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Bill of Responsibilities for Multiracial People of Color With Light Skin & White Passing Privilege

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Emi Ito, a Japanese multiracial mother swinging her child around in her arms outside in a botanical garden.
Photo by Smeeta Mahanti Photography

Inspired by the Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage & Multiracial Oath of Responsibility by Dr. Maria P. P. Root

You can download a free copy here

I have the responsibility...

To acknowledge my light skin privilege and white passing privilege.

To use my privilege to actively fight against racism and dismantle white supremacy.

To be mindful of how I take up space when people with more marginalized racial and ethnic identities are present.

To hold people with similar privileges accountable for being a part of the solution to eradicate racial inequities.

I have the responsibility...

To combat colorism.

To listen to and center the voices and experiences of people with more marginalized racial and ethnic identities than myself.

To call out racism and discrimination when I see it.

To be thoughtful about how I am speaking up for marginalized communities I am connected to as someone who holds light skin privilege.

I have the responsibility...

To heal my own racial trauma.

To honor my experiences with racism while being aware of the privilege I hold.

To learn about the histories and stories of the people of color in my family.

To honor my ancestors by being a whole person who loves myself.

2019 Emi Ito

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